All About Our Equestrian Collection

Published : 26/05/2024 08:51:32
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All About Our Equestrian Collection

Our equestrian pieces are made to be loved, made to be lived in and made to make you feel like the best version of yourself. Our philosophy is encapsulated in our motto, 'from mucking out to going out'. This reflects the versatility and sturdiness of our jewellery. 

No need to remove your Hiho pieces for your daily tasks as they are designed to withstand the rigours of everyday life and maintain their aesthetic appeal in any settings - be it the rustic charm of your stable to the elegance ambiance of a ball. 

Discover and learn more below about the creative spark that fuels our stunning Equestrian Collection.

Why do equestrians love equestrian jewellery?
For centuries jewellery has been worn as an expression of personality and as a statement, whether of religion, fashion or position. Historically, it was worn as a sign of societal status, but nowadays we tend to wear daily jewellery as an extension of our personality, lifestyle and interests or for sentimental reasons. 

At Hiho Silver over our 30 year history we have learnt what you, our customers value and have and created a versatile range of jewellery comprised of sterling silver pieces that speak to you. 
The reasons horse lovers wear equestrian jewellery

We know you love your horses. You love riding and you love the countryside, just like our team members including our King of the Road, Andrew, who spends a lot of the time, when he's not at shows, in the saddle. 
As an equestrian, very often you live, sleep and breathe the lifestyle and so being able to show and connect even more deeply to this through the jewellery you wear is special, it embodies your passion. You can complement your lifestyle with our gorgeous, equestrian inspired pieces. 

Horses have long captivated our hearts as humans, with their beauty, their majesty and their grace, not to mention the freedom they symbolise and grant us as we gallop through the countryside with the wind in our hair and the thundering sound of their hooves beneath us. It's liberating. For most, it's a life-long affliction: the love of horses, and so it's little wonder why equestrians and horse lovers are drawn to all things horses. From clothing or home decor, to stationery and in our case, jewellery. 

We also know that sharing your life with horses isn't all glam, in fact it rarely is. Much of your time is spent mucking out, poo picking and tending to your horses and ponies. With that comes a unique style, regular hay or bedding adorning your hair and finding its way down your boots, with a unique pong that often follows you home from the yard. 
Equestrian inspired jewellery for horse lovers:
So, our Equestrian Collection has been created to put up with the demands of a true equestrian, but still look exquisite and make you feel incredibly special, you have a life outside of the horses, right? 
Not only is wearing equestrian inspired jewellery a form of personal expression, but it is also a nifty conversation starter, and we all know how much horsey folk love to talk about their horses, or horses in general. The wearing of horse and pony themed jewellery can also create a sense of community between those wearing it, you feel connected instantly to others wearing it through your shared passion of these incredible animals and the lifestyle associated. 
Being able to tangibly express your adoration and dedication to horses is something that fills us with joy and pride. Our range of sterling silver bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings inspired by the horse is constantly evolving, we also have gold plated and solid gold pieces for those who prefer gold. 
From equine silhouettes, to hoof print pieces and jewellery inspired by farrier's nails, whips and bits just like our Sterling Snaffle Bracelet which is one of our oldest and most popular designs. When we first brought this design to the UK for a historic Badminton Horse Trials, it was a great seller from the word go, it really does embody the lifestyle of a horse rider. 
We knew when designing our equestrian collection, that owning, riding or working with horses is a demanding lifestyle and so, our jewellery needs to be able to withstand this, our mantra, 'from mucking out to going out' is integral to us at Hiho. Your jewellery needs to be able to move through life with you and our pieces are made to be loved, made to be lived in and made to make you feel like the best version of yourself. At Hiho Silver we create robust pieces to be worn day in, day out no matter the task at hand with the peace of mind that it will still be shining for years to come! 
Whilst we may only be a small team, we are mighty in our commitment to service, our commitment to quality and our commitment to the community we have built over the years. We pride ourselves on authenticity. We design our Hiho pieces and work with artisan families to bring them to life. They can be found here on our website, at a variety of stockists as well as at many horse trials and country shows up and down the country each year - don't be afraid to come and say hello, we love meeting our customers! 
From mucking out to going out:
Our motto, 'from mucking out to going out', couldn't be more true. Here at Hiho Silver our team, extended team of riders and you, our customers, all live in our jewellery. It truly is worn, from mucking out to going out.
For Holly, our PR partner, a livery yard manager and rural storyteller, her Hiho rings are worn whilst at the yard mucking out, caring for and riding the 12 horses in her care through to the hours she spends typing away in her office at home for us, and occasionally even when she heads out with friends or to an event. 
Emily King, our long term sponsored rider, can often be seen wearing her Hiho pieces as she flies round a cross country course, or catching the sunlight as she and her mount gracefully dance through a Dressage test. 
Our Managing Director, Emma Warren jingles and shimmers with Hiho pieces. From being a busy wife and mother to two University-age lads to tending to her small flock of sheep and hens at home in the Blackdown Hills, her jewellery comes with her glistening in the sunlight. Whether she is working away on new Hiho Silver designs, or advising her clients on their entrepreneurial enterprises you can be sure she's wearing Hiho wherever she is. 
Andrew, our King of the Road and our Show's Manager highlights just how Hiho Silver's pieces complement both men and women. A passionate horseman, when Emma and our brilliant photographer Rachel Collins turned up for a shoot with him, the brief was simple and perfectly Hiho, "just as you are, wear what you always wear'', so he did. 
Share it with us:
Where do you wear your pieces? We'd love to see. We feel so incredibly lucky to have such a loyal and engaged customer base, there's nothing that fills us with more pride than seeing photos of you wearing your pieces out and about within your daily lives. That's what we do this for!  

Share your moments with us - Post at hihosilveruk or email us with a photo of you wearing your Hiho Silver pieces.

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