All About George

Published : 19/06/2023 15:12:43
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All About George

For those of you who joined us for Hiho & Co at Forde Abbey a few years ago, George will need no introduction after his show-stopping talk on confidence. However, given that many of you weren’t there, here’s a little introduction.

Our MD Emma met George, just after he founded Blackdown Shepherd Huts with his cousin, Will.  Impressed by their enthusiasm, she ended up helping them with their business development. 
Subsequently, George left Blackdown to pursue his property development dreams and is now the owner of two holiday lets.
George’s story is one of how learning to be more confident was a huge part of an incredible life turnaround, and he now coaches people to be more confident themselves.  

George please can tell us a bit about yourself, what do you do and  where are you from?
I help successful business women with confidence. This may sound ironic as most perceive if someone is outwardly successful that they must be confident. Having scaled companies up-to 7 figures I know this is not the case. Sometimes, the more success someone has, the more they feel the need to hide things they deem negative.

My background was based in construction, in 2011 I launched Blackdown Shepherd Huts with my cousin William. In 2015 I decided to sell up and follow my main passion which was developing period properties.
I went on the create Otterhead House & The Old Chicken House, these businesses now allow me to live my dream of living in Lombok (a little island next to Bali). My time is now split between helping clients to live their best lives and surfing ☺
You have been doing motivational speaking and helping others, what made you start doing this?

I have chosen confidence as the focus of my coaching and speaking because I believe it’s the greatest asset anyone can acquire. I helps in nearly every aspect of life. The reason I am so passionate about it is that I used to be an extremely unconfident & unmotivated person. For years I hid behind drugs and alcohol to mask my feelings. Learning confidence is what helped me live the life I had always dreamed of.
You did a great talk at one of our Hiho & Co events at Forde Abbey about confidence, is there one bit of advice you can give someone that is struggling with confidence and motivation? 

The first step to leading a confident life is being mindful of how you talk about yourself. Saying things like I’m no good at x, is more damaging than you can possibly imagine.

Where can we follow you online for more motivational tips and advice?

Brand new shiny YouTube channel - @GeorgeBannister 
Instagram @georgebannister_com
Facebook - GeorgeBannistercom

What do you do in your spare time & what you get up to offline?

In my spare time I love any challenging physical activities like boxing, hiking, crossfit etc. the number one passion in my life is surfing, for years my ambition has been to be able to surf in warm water everyday – December 2022 that became reality.

What is your ultimate Hiho love (favourite piece from the Hiho collection) and why?

Cherry roller as I love the variety of different beads

You can find George @georgebannister_com
YouTube channel - @GeorgeBannister 

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