All About Country Woman's Guide

Published : 01/09/2023 13:44:44
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All About Country Woman's Guide

Hiho is a countryside brand and the country community is really important to us, we all live in Somerset and our customers are spread across the whole of the UK & Ireland.

We love to see everyone when we’re out and about at the Shows, but we also love to interact with our online community as well, hearing your stories and being part of your celebrations, as you often choose our jewellery as presents for special events - thank you.

So when our MD, Emma, started talking about a new community initiative that she was founding with Holly Thomson, we wanted to find out all about it.

Find out more about Countrywoman's Guide below.

What is Countrywoman's Guide? 
Launched in July, Countrywoman’s Guide is a country-inspired, slow and seasonal living focused online publication, celebrating and bringing together, the countryside community. 
Created out of Emma’s partnership with former In The Country Magazine founder, livery yard manager and South Downs dweller, Holly Thomson, CWG is a digital publication.
Why Countrywoman's Guide?

Emma & Holly just felt that there is so much hidden away in the folds of the countryside. By exploring and sharing stories, they hope to inspire, inform and create an across the ages country community of guidance and empowerment. 

The countryside community celebrates wisdom without the barriers of age, skills to be shared and slow and seasonal living, as well as the timeless confidence that as time passes things change and wounds heal. As Emma says, “Development of Countrywoman’s Guide has been a case study in itself, coming at it with different life experiences and age profiles, we’ve seen the benefits that the mix of our different approaches has brought to our own project.”

The development of Countrywoman's Guide
As Emma and Holly worked together, it struck them that they were working in a collaborative way that happens on farms, equestrian yards, and rural businesses all over the country, yet on social media we tend to see social silos with like attracting like - and that in means that differing viewpoints might be lost in the mix.
“Through our conversations, we realised, that removing any commercial aspects, we both were passionate about the same thing: the sharing of stories to inspire, empower and help guide others.” -  Holly Thomson
First - "The Journey"

Like the storytellers of old, who would travel the length and breadth of the country, sharing stories and achievements about the incredible characters to be found within the communities, their first key project will be ‘The Journey’.

They’re organising a fundraising, UK wide road trip throughout September 2023, raising funds for two wonderful charities; the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Institute (RABI), to support the countryside community and Pompe Support Network, a cause close to Holly’s heart, as her father lives with the rare genetic disease Pompe (Glycogen Storage Disease Type II).

Through sharing true and inspiring stories along the road about people Holly will stop off and interview throughout her trip and Emma will interview at shows, they hope to show the successes, the realities and the sheer tenacity of life in the country and how community supports and guides each other.

Community, tenacity, rallying together and wisdom sharing between generations are to name but a few key qualities of the country community that they aim to showcase through these exclusive interviews, stories and profiles in the weeks, months and years to come.

Hiho will be supporting this venture with sponsorship of some of the trip costs and very much look forward to sharing the latest CWG news with you all.

Where can you find Countrywoman's Guide?

Countrywoman’s Guide is based on Substack, ‘a new economic engine for culture’, and on social media platforms including Instagram and LinkedIn.

View it online here -
If you’d like to follow them on Instagram, search @countrywomansguide, or Countrywoman’s Guide on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Look for the CWG monogram as their profile photo, they’ve kept it the same to guide you to their social homes.

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