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Published : 23/07/2023 05:15:00
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All About Cathy

Meet Cathy - from Cathy's Chocolates and Cakes who has delighted us with her homemade treats at some of our Hiho & Co events. 

Cathy specialises in fully hand made and hand crafted chocolates and makes unique horseshoe designs which we love!

Find out more about Cathy and what makes her tick...

Cathy, please tell us a bit about yourself, what do you do, where are you from?
Hi,  I’m Cathy Wright, I’m based right at the bottom of Nottinghamshire on the Lincs/Leics borders.  We can see Belvoir Castle from our bedroom window.  It’s a tiny little hamlet called Shelton.  I make fabulous Belgian chocolates by hand from my studio at the back of our house – which until the 1950’s was pigsties!  My company is Cathy’s Chocolates and Cakes and we made a fantastic range of chocolates including Chocolate horseshoes – molded from a real farriers horse/pony shoe. We ship chocolate all over the country and worldwide.  Cakes are bespoke and local only as we don’t post those out.  I am also a Senior Chartered Surveyor still 3 days a week, mum to Fin who’s 16 and just sat GCSE’s and wife to Matt who works part time in the business.  Plus proud owner of 2 ex-racing greyhounds who rule the house and the sofas.
What inspired you to set up Cathy’s Chocolates and Cakes and where can we find you online?

My business is my “Midlife Crisis”, or my “Finally deciding what I want to do when I grow up” business.  It’s roots go back to 2009 when I lost my mum very suddenly just after her 60th birthday, shortly after that my grandfather, 3 friends in quick succession and was rounded off by a member of my staff committing suicide.  So, as you can imagine my mental health took a battering and hit rock bottom.  I had a fab boss at the time who encouraged me to take time off work and get myself sorted out.  Matt had also been made redundant and had started to retrain to be a teacher at Homerton College Cambridge.  Christmas came around and I wasn’t feeling the love, so I wanted nice presents that I could make and didn’t cost a lot of money.  I hit on the idea of making some chocolates and putting them in nice boxes.  I found some recipes online and found it very therapeutic and calming to make them.  Fast forward to 2011 and I had a “0” birthday so I decided that I fancied learning to make chocolate, so friends and family all contributed, and I went to Manchester for 5 days to have fun.  By the Thursday of that week, I was like “this is what I want to do” I had found my passion.  I came home with a few bags of chocolate, a few tools and a lot of enthusiasm and no real idea of what I was doing and set up my business.

It helped that my dad had been self employed so he helped me set up my accounts and encouraged me every step of the way.  It was him that came up with the idea of getting a shoe from the farrier and making moulds as something unique and different.

You can find our website
Facebook - CathysChocolatesandCakes
Insta - @cathyschocolates
Just starting on TicTok too -  @cathyschocolatesandcakes

The chocolates and cakes are amazing, do you take special orders and has there been something that was your favourite to make so far? 

Thank you. I love the fact that I make bespoke chocolate for Nottinghamshire’s only 2*Michelin restaurant every week.  I have done so many special orders over the years and each one has make me proud, doing pony shoes for William Hill for the press launch of the King George VI Chase at Kempton Park on Boxing day, Pony Shoes for the launch of the T-Mobile Dance Pony Dance advert with the moon walking Shetland and more recently doing the Ladies Gifts for the Annual Dinner of the Guild of Master Farriers.

Wedding cakes are fab to make but soooooo nerve wracking due to their central nature and importance to the day.  Delivery is the most stressful part (after the baking, oh and the decorating).

What do you do in your spare time & what do you get up to offline?

Spare time what’s that??? With 2 jobs, a teenager and dogs there really isn’t a lot of Free time.  I do love a nice manicure or pedicure – just a nice hour to myself being pampered.  Otherwise it’s nice walks with the dogs.  I am looking forward to a short Luxury break at Dimpsey Glamping soon though, just me and Matt and nothing to do for a few days.  I do love to save up and have a really nice holiday every couple of years, I love travel and exploring.

What is your ultimate Hiho love (favourite piece from the Hiho collection) and why?

Well my Double Snaffle Silver Bangle hasn’t been off my wrist since I was given it for my most recent “0” birthday during the lockdowns.  It just sits so easily on the wrist, doesn’t move, goes with everything, doesn’t get in the way of anything.  It’s a really classic design that won’t date or age.

And finally - what is the best piece of business advice you have received?

Always be yourself.  Be true to your brand.  Yes, there are people that will do it cheaper, but they won’t don’t it better.  Find your target market and stick to it.  It’s not easy especially in this current economic climate but your target market will remain loyal to you so don’t cheapen yourself.

Also value your time.  Because we chose to make by hand rather than letting machines do all the tricky work for us that does come at a higher cost.  However, we firmly believe you get a superior product as a result.  Yes, we could do more, and cheaper if we had machines, but they that wouldn’t be us and what we stand for and believe in.  Taste is everything.

Sorry that’s 2!!

You can find Cathy 

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