All About Alexa

Published : 20/08/2023 09:32:04
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All About Alexa

We really enjoy getting out and about meeting event riders so when we had the opportunity to visit Alexa Palmer at her Greenhays Stud in Dorset, we were absolutely thrilled! What a warm and friendly welcome we received.

After being out of the saddle for three months last year following a riding accident, Alexa is now back on track eventing along with her top horse - 10-year-old mare Global Super Nova.  Last weekend, she finished 7th out of 66 in her 3*L at Hartpury. What an achievement!

Find out more about Alexa and what makes her tick!

Alexa please tell us a bit about yourself, what do you do, where are you from?
I am a 25 year old 4* event rider and British Showjumping Coach. I have had a top 3 finish at Advanced and the British Dressage Youth Home International, with my unbelievably talented little mare Global Super Nova. I have owned Nova since early in her 4 year old year and had a podium finish at the National 6 year old eventing championship. I still live very close to where I grew up, producing homebred horses on my parents small farm in Dorset!
Where did your passion for horses come from?  

Mum, Lucille has always loved horses and been a good rider so the passion for horses came from her and the competitiveness from my father! 

What have been your highs and lows in eventing so far?  
Finishing in the top 10 at my first 4* last month definitely has to be a high! Very rewarding to ride your first 4* on a horse you've ridden since she was 4.
Riding horses comes with risks, and I've proved my dedication and love for the sport by working hard to recover from a severe traumatic brain injury in 2018 and multiple spinal fractures and broken ribs last year.
What do you do in your spare time when you’re not eventing horses?

Getting to know and bonding with the horses! I have a freelance riding and coaching business but also do the yard management and mucking out. Always a great opportunity to see the horses move and interact.

What is your ultimate Hiho love (favourite piece from the Hiho collection) and why?

The sterling silver double snaffle bangle - it's a gorgeous piece for everyday and smart occasions.

What is the best piece of advice you have received when it comes to eventing?

Enjoy the sport, learn from your mistakes and celebrate success.

Where can everyone follow you online?  

Instagram: alexa_palmer
Facebook: Alexa Palmer Equestrian 
YouTube: Alexa Palmer Equestrian
TikTok: @palmerequestrian

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