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  • How to win the Best Dressed at the trot up
    Published : 25/04/2018 10:49:49

    As Badminton draws ever closer, we wanted to share some of our top tips for how to win best dressed at the trot up. This is the second year that we’re sponsoring the best dressed at t [...]

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  • Alice Plunkett announced as Hiho Silver Brand Ambassador
    Published : 23/04/2018 14:39:31

    Hiho Silver is delighted to announce that Alice Plunkett has joined the team of esteemed brand ambassadors for the company. Alice is well known in equestrian circles as a racing journalist as [...]

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  • Becci Harrold's Badminton Best Bits
    Published : 16/04/2018 11:31:18

    I have been so fortunate to go to Badminton the last few years with my great friend Sam. We became great friends when Sam purchased Pokeys Puzzle from me in 2012. I regularly go down to stay and [...]

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  • Hiho Silver announced as Official Jeweller for Badminton Horse Trials
    Published : 02/04/2018 21:03:45

    Hiho Silver is delighted to announce that it has been selected as the Official Jeweller for the Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials and, with this accolade, will be launching the Official B [...]

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  • Celebrate spring with our new Primrose Yellow Roller Bead!
    Published : 26/03/2018 11:22:00

    The days are getting longer and the sun is starting to shine a little brighter, so there’s no better time to celebrate spring than now with our brand new Primrose Yellow CZ Roller Bead. Just l [...]

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  • Brand New Solid Gold Bangles launched at Cheltenham
    Published : 23/03/2018 11:12:43

    If you came to our stand at Cheltenham Festival this year, then you may have caught a glimpse of some of our newest additions including two new solid gold bracelets! Based on two of our best [...]

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  • It’s all about the accessories
    Published : 09/03/2018 17:26:36

    We know that accessories can completely make an outfit. A well placed piece of jewellery, a striking feather, a silk scarf, a statement bag, a beautiful belt… all these things can add that all i [...]

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  • The Hiho Cheltenham Fashion Edit
    Published : 08/03/2018 11:45:01

    With Cheltenham fast approaching, we wanted to share with you our ‘Hiho Edit’ in terms of fashion and racing style… enjoy! The Festival is in March, so the weather can be a bit challenging; it m [...]

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  • New Thelwell Earrings now available!
    Published : 07/03/2018 11:34:16

    For all Norman Thelwell fans out there, we have some exciting news for you! Our Exclusive Thelwell Collection is growing to include earrings which match the other designs, so you can have a full [...]

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  • Hiho Silver starts the season with three new ambassadors
    Published : 27/02/2018 13:53:02

    We are delighted to announce that we have not one, not two but three brand new ambassadors! The trio includes Lucy Robinson (Footluce Eventing), Karen McConnell (KA Equestrian) and Tina Wallace [...]

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  • Our New Brand Ambassador: Tina Wallace
    Published : 20/02/2018 16:34:52

    We’re really excited to introduce you to one of our new brand ambassadors… and we’ll be announcing two more very shortly too. This is Tina Wallace, who you might also know her as Life On The Left [...]

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  • New Exclusive Sterling Silver and Solid Gold Cherry Roller Bracelet
    Published : 02/02/2018 12:10:28

    You have seen and loved our Cherry Roller Bangles, whether they are pure sterling silver, sterling silver and gold/rose gold, and even our CZ Bead Cherry Roller Bangle. But watch out everyone, [...]

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  • Pssst – you know Valentine’s Day is coming, don’t you?
    Published : 01/02/2018 12:19:55

    We like to do our bit at Hiho Silver to help you stay in the good books and not end up in the dog house, so we wanted to give you a gentle reminder that it’s Valentine’s Day soon. Now, not only d [...]

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  • Feel Festive with Hiho's new Festive Cherry Roller
    Published : 15/12/2017 18:28:08

    Christmas is just around the corner, so we have created a new Festive Cherry Roller right in time for the holiday season! Created with our solid sterling silver, this particular Cherry Roller [...]

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  • Hannah's Willberry Wonder Pony Friendship Bracelet at Olympia
    Published : 15/12/2017 17:22:36

    Hannah's Willberry Wonder Pony Charity has inspired us here at Hiho Silver ever since it started, and we are grateful to have shared the journey along the way with our Willberry Wonder Pony C [...]

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  • From small acorns does gorgeous jewellery grow!
    Published : 06/12/2017 11:25:38

    With the New Year just around the corner, we have a new jewellery collection out, just in time to make amazing Christmas presents! Our new Acorn collection combines sterling silver with 18ct [...]

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  • Go green with our new CZ Roller Bead!
    Published : 22/11/2017 15:04:06

    If you love Mary King as much as we do are here at Hiho Silver, then you will love our newest addition to our Cherry Roller collection! We have a brand new CZ Roller bead for you which is a [...]

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  • Brand New Stirrups Bracelet with T-Bar
    Published : 16/11/2017 12:17:27

    We are delighted to welcome our brand-new sterling silver Stirrups Bracelet with its exclusive T-Bar! Perfect for all equestrian lovers, the bracelet is linked with gently oxidised stirrup [...]

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  • Jewellery is King – the Foxtail
    Published : 09/11/2017 10:36:59

    As per the previous blog post where we talked about the ‘Jewellery is King’ campaign, which we’re working on with Rachel Bragg from Sweet Images, I wanted to take this opportunity to chat throu [...]

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  • Jewellery is King…
    Published : 31/10/2017 11:41:38

    You may have seen the start of one of our autumn/winter campaigns on our social media channels… and I thought it might be fun to tell you a bit more about it. We’ll be publishing blogs here abo [...]

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  • Bling and bespoke… build you own Cherry Roller
    Published : 17/10/2017 11:55:05

    I make no secret of the fact that I adore the Cherry Roller. This exclusive Hiho design is something I have adored since the first picture pinged into my inbox, and each new addition is met with [...]

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  • Introducing Rhea Freeman
    Published : 11/10/2017 14:44:58

    I thought it might be a good idea to introduce myself ‘formally’, because the aim is that I will be working very closely alongside Hiho’s Queen Bee, Emma Warren, in creating amazing features for [...]

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  • Brand New Red CZ Roller Bead – Perfect for the festive season
    Published : 09/10/2017 13:23:38

    The new red CZ Roller Bead is here! Our CZ Roller Bead Collection has expanded to include a stunning new red CZ charm. With Christmas now just around the corner, our Red CZ charm is a great [...]

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  • Rachel Bragg from Sweet Images Photography
    Published : 05/10/2017 13:08:53

    Hey! My name is Rachel Bragg and I’m an equine photographer, specialising in lifestyle portrait sessions for horse lovers and their equine best friends. I’m a country girl at heart. I grew up i [...]

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