SEU Collection

Hiho are very proud to have worked with the amazing Cressida at SEU to bring you a range of silver jewellery that will help you show how proud you are to be involved with such a great FB group. It seems like an age ago when we first approached Cressida about the incredible site and following she was creating. It is so difficult to find a place on social media that embodies all the attitudes and positivity that we all, as horse lovers, know you truly must have to keep on loving your “#patchytwat”. 

Hiho jewellery is renowned for its style, quality and strength and we believe that SEU riders are too! We hope you love these initial designs (don’t worry there are more designs coming!). So as you go flying past the fence judge at your next event (either on or falling from your horse) the beady eyed fence judge will spot your earrings or friendship bracelet and at least know that you’re not any old rider you are an SEU rider!