Exclusive Sterling Silver & Solid 9ct Rose Gold Cherry Roller Snaffle Bangle - Equestrian Jewellery

  • rol2014
  • £185.00
  • Style:Bangle
  • Shape:Cherry Roller

By introducing solid rose gold beads to our cherry roller range of jewellery, we wanted to create the luxurious reality and longevity of solid silver and solid gold mixed together in what has already become a Hiho designed classic collection of jewellery, created not only to look super stylish but created to last and be worn, loved and enjoyed everyday from “mucking out to going out”. 

The larger gold beads are stamped with the Hiho logo so everyone will know they are just that little bit extra special. So whether you are feeling like splashing out or if you’d like to add the solid beads to the Cherry Roller you’ve already bought, please just give us a shout and we can sort it our for you!

Here we have the sterling silver Cherry Roller with solid rose gold bead in the centre which sings out and says “look at me!” . The gold bead is stamped with the Hiho logo to denote solid gold. 

This would be a great way to start a collection of gold beads, as the gold beads can be added in by us as and when .

Part of the Hiho Silver Equestrian Jewellery Collection

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